3 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Ever Wondered why your website isn’t giving you results you wanted? If you’re coping idea or posts from third party websites/resources then these Duplicate Content Checker Tools are built for you. These tools can check, Import and crawl all URLs present on your site with detailed reports where and sources of those texts that have been copied. If you want to rank your website on google, you need to have one of these tools to analyze your content whether its Copy Proof or not.

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Siteliner is web-based free app yet effective services which let you explore all your website’s data like broken links, copied articles, duplicate content (Including Files, Documents etc.). Some of the features are;

  • Checks Duplicate Content:-  Siteliner have this feature of checking duplicate content i.e. Files, documents, text on the website around the world can make your website unique via checking where is it duplicated or likewise. This feature is very helpful for every website owner or e-commerce store to check duplicate content being hosted on1` your website and give your website a boost which gives you higher ranking in Google itself.

duplicate content checker

  • Checking Broken Links:- If you have any broken link in your website which is not linkin or alive can damage your link profile on your website. Therefore, To ensure if any links are broken in your pages then this feature will be very helpful to add into your everyday go-to SEO services.

broken links


  • Page Speed Analysis:- There are more to it, Like comparing your page matrices with other site data as whole i.e. Page speed, Page Size, Words per page, Text to HTML ratio etc. There are a specialized report available which you can download for your own reference.




If you purchase some articles or likewise you may want to check if its copied or not, Or you can say copy proof or not, Therefore this web-based free service let you detect texts on your articles or blog posts published and let you know how many words are copied. If it has like 2 or 3 copies then it’s negligible otherwise you have to make it copy proof.


If you don’t have any copy then it will be shown like this.


SeoReviewtools have many web-based SEO tools which you want to browse like checking your live backlinks, Authority tools, Social media tools. This is also an addon to their service page which will let you look at the content which is copied in your pages. These Tools are essential for every Blogger or a website marketer to juice up their ranking to the first page of search engine giants.