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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Got a big idea Yet? Or Are u struggling with content creation? If yes then you may need help creating content to put on your website or your business blog and likewise.

Google Says, “Content Is Everything”!

Well, its 100% True that Google likes huge lengthy unique content which does standout in the search engine and helps the searcher accordingly. Creating long content won’t get you anywhere until you have something to share what people are searching right? You don’t want to post something on your blog like “Where is my pen” which no one is searching except you. Therefore, Content Marketing the big thing for your business.

Content Marketing

There are some steps to keep in mind in order to combat content marketing ahead of your competition. Well, Obviously your competitor may use what it gets to the top but you can overkill anybody with your content in a future period.

For An Example, Let assume yourself A and Your Competitor B, B started a food blog and creating unique recipes for what people are searching online and posting good content according to google compliance and get listed in the first page of that keyword. Now, A came into the market and he sees B as his competitor which he wishes to kill on search engine rankings. Therefore, A start creating those content in some unique optimized way and in the following time his content getting featured and recognized or loved by many internet users with a descriptive title, blog, and pictures or even videos. So here A Will win periodically and B will scratch his head n’ wonder how he did it.

Here are some Tips we can give you in order to create your content which can stand out in a search engine;

Content Marketing Tips

  • First Of all, create your blog if you haven’t already.
  • Then, Search For the keywords online with the help of the following tool.

  • Then use some long tail keywords and note it down in excel.
  • Pick one with the lowest competition to start your first content.
  • Start building content on that keyword with at least 1000 words per post.
  • Use your Keywords In H2 (Heading 2), With Bold Typography and use frequently in order to let google understand the keyword of your post (Or you can use the Yoast plugin in WordPress).
  • Use pictures, videos or infographics to let your visitor experience visually.
  • Revise, Post and You’re Done!

So basically it involves following hierarchy;

Search > Select > Create > Optimize > Revise > Post

  • Search Your Longtail Keywords.
  • Select Your Long Tail Keyword.
  • Create your Content.
  • Optimize your content according to google compliance.
  • Revise it with videos, images, references.
  • Post Your content.

It sounds so simple right?, Well you can do it yourself or you can hire us to do it for you. Content marketing involves various aspects like searching for your keywords and selecting low competition niche/keyword and post your content accordingly in order to get your site exposure in search engine giants.

Ok, I Got you, What Do You Offer?

Well, if you read all the above-mentioned tips and tricks but still want to hire someone to do it for you then We (Kwebby) offers content marketing services. “It’s A Relief Right?” Well, we don’t just offer this services but we research your niche n’ catch your audience accordingly. It’s because Content Is Key to your success because it will be your goodwill in future and cash money machine too.

So, Start Your Content Marketing Campaign Already!

Kwebby Introducing Content Marketing Services;

Content Marketing Services

Kwebby loves content because we always emphasize on content over anything like Off-page optimization, Other SEO hacks and tactics. Well, If you’re serious about your business or blog you should be focusing on the content you’ve posted on your website. Not only content but to target your audience and combat your competitor, you have to be careful about your keyword selection and analyzing your competitor.

So what is included in our Content Marketing Services?

Well, We have described everything above what is content marketing is all about but I am afraid not. There are some secret ways which should be the weapon of guys like us, isn’t it? Well, that secret is what you’re going to pay to hire us!

What you get from our services;

  • Complete Content Creation (Writing, Rephrasing current articles).

  • Research Your Keyword/Niche Related Content.

  • On-Page (Content) Optimization Targeting your Keyword.

  • Periodically Quality Updates.

  • Revision of old/current Content.

  • Fixation of broken Content.

  • Integrating With Video Marketing Available.

  • Personal Dedicated Manager.

  • All Week Support (09:00 To 18:00 IST). On Phone/Skype/Email.

Phew! A lot of work, Isn’t it?

Well, your website is in safe hands, We not only manage your content but make it more productive to integrate with your social media channels and we can discuss some plans all you need is to shoot us an email and we will talk further.

We also provide minor services like;

  • Content Writing.

  • Copy-proof Writing.

  • Content Optimization.

Above are the small services which we can provide with minimal cost if you don’t want to buy the whole package.

Contact us now and get exclusively discounted quote as Your success is our main motive.