May 22,2018
May 22,2018

5 Must Have Apps For Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing is a new way to promote your business and services and Instagram marketing is another way for promotion. As we know the market presence of Instagram being biggest photo sharing social network App consist of 800 Million Users, Many enterprises move to target Instagram Users to promote their product or services which is a big thing nowadays. There are many ways to increase Instagram followers as we have discussed earlier, But in this tutorial, I will let you know about 5 Must have apps for Instagram marketing for your success.

5 Apps For Instagram Marketing

Photo Editing Softwares

As we know, Instagram is Photos sharing network, Therefore if you need to promote some product or your services you need to have expressive pictures that attract Instagram browser such that they will leave an impression of your work. Following are the examples of good Instagram marketing samples,


As you can see above-crafted picture for BEARDO products which does look attractive and classy for masses, Therefore it’s an example to give you an overview of a well-edited photo.

Apps You can choose for your smartphones (There are many others also from where you can choose, Search in your App Stores) :

Apps You Can Choose For Your Desktops :

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • EDraw (Recommended)
  • Befunky Online Editor

Monitoring Tools

Secondly, There are various Social Media Monitoring Tools available in the market where you can choose any cheap or effective suitable for your business model, These Tools can expand your brand awareness and you can handle your Instagram along with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. You can engage with your customers, you can grow brand exposures at one place, you can research your business related market in any social media etc. There is an unlimited number of opportunities you can get from these type of tools.

Some of the monitoring tools are;






Scheduling Tools

Suppose, You have multi-social media accounts and you do not have much time to promote or post periodically or you are going to vacation but you do not want to stop engaging or providing offer to your followers then there are many social media scheduling apps are available which you can boost your offline promotions or offers.



Analytics Tools

If you have more than 25.000 followers and want to analyze your followers or campaign activity then there are many social media analytics tools are available which you should not miss. For me, Instagram Insights is enough to analyze my Instagram page but if you do want to go more depth like engagements on posts, likes and comments etc, Then You should have various analytics tools available in the market, Best one is Simply Measured.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured

Pinterest, Reddit Domination

Pinterest and Reddit are the best place to dominate your social media account and follower as they have the large database of users and if you’re planning to grow your Instagram marketing then you should start sharing it to these hidden apps according to your niche.

You can read In detail here: Top 7 Secrets To Increase Instagram Followers

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